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Cheap Secure Storage: Truck Parking, Container Storage, Self Storage.

Welcome to Cheap Secure Storage. Self Storage and Container Storage Facility, located at 52 Market Road Brooklyn. Melbourne, Victoria. Call: 0414319016

At Cheap Secure Storage, we specialize in Containerized Self Storage – that is; we provide you a 20ft or 40ft Container that is Secure, Water Proof, Vermin Proof and Lockable for you to access 24hours 7 days per week. It is approximately half the cost of renting a Self Storage unit with a Self Storage Facility. In addition; we can bring each container to You to load or the Your Rented Container can be Transported with Your Content anywhere you may need it within Victorian, Australia or even Overseas.. If you decide, you can also purchase a Shipping Container. We are flexible and here to assist you with All Your Self Storage Needs.

Cheap Secure Storage also provides Storage Solutions to Businesses. For a Small Business the Cheapest way to store your Stock, Tools, Spare Parts, Materials or Machinery is to Rent 40ft Container(s) with 24/7 Drive Up Access. Call 0414 319 016 to find out more.

Do you need Cheap, Secure Storage for your Truck or Trailer? You can also Park your Semi or Rigid Truck with us, Rent a Container for Self Storage, Purchase a Shipping Container or Store your OWN Container(s) with us. 24/7 Access. Lockable, Secure Site. Conveniently located at Melbourne’s Inner West Industrial area. Close to Western Ring Road, Geelong Road or the Westgate Freeway for Quick and Easy Access, 7 Days.

General Terms and Conditions:

Before You / Your Associate(s) may arrive, each person must complete the https://cheapsecurestorage.com.au/consent-form/

Enter at Own Risk – be aware of working Machinery, Trucks, Rough Terrain, Limited Lighting. Unmanned Site – Unless you made an appointment with a Staff Member. Storage – Store at Your Own Risk. We do not accept any Liability whatsoever for Your Items. You assume responsibility for all Loss and Damage including: All Damage, Theft or Accident. Any Items, Trucks, Cars, Machinery, Contractors 3rd Party etc. you may direct to this site, must enter at Own Risk as our Insurance Policy has Several Exclusions and You / Your Property any 3rd Party Property and Personnel will not be covered. It is unlikely that any Party may be able to seek compensation for any Accident, Injury, Loss or Damage. Aug 2021