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Shipping Container Hire and Sales. Are you looking at buying a shipping container for sale? Call Cheap Secure Storage on 0499 566 929 or visit our dedicated website to find shipping containers for sale in Melbourne: ShippingContainersVictoria.com.au

Do you need storage for your own container? We can store all containers at our Brooklyn site. Call 0499 566 929 for offers. Need transport? We can do that too!

Self Load / Unload Facilities – We hire what you need (Ramp and Forklift) while you complete your own Loading or Unloading – Bookings are required.

Self Load / Unload Facilities

If you need self-storage, or need somewhere to store your container, go to: https://cheapsecurestorage.com.au/containerised-self-storage/

We also have used 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers for sale in Melbourne of all grades:

  • As Is: – Unsurveyed, often needing a repair, but most of them are water tight
  • B-Grade aka Water Tight – These are 15-20 year old units, but we guarantee that each is water tight, vermin proof, secure and lockable
  • Cargo Grade – These present better than B-Grade, and they can go back into rail or export. Definitely water tight and meet all shipping requirements
  • A-Grade – Lightly used units in particularly good / straight condition. Meeting all the above requirements
  • One-Trip or Single Use NEW Containers: As all containers are made in China, they must come in to Australia via an import trip, often with cargo inside. You will see some handling marks, but other than that, these are brand new units used only once, or they may even arrive empty

Alternatively, we have all types of site containers for hire (10ft, 20ft, 40GP 40HiCube) at our Brooklyn site as a self-storage option, or you can choose to rent it on your site. Call 0499 566 929 or email us for a quote for our shipping container hire or refrigerated container hire service: containers@containersolutions.com.au

We can also re-position, transport and relocate (SA, NSW and SE QLD) your empty or full containers. Price by quotation.

Do you have short term requirements? Purchase any of our shipping containers for sale in Melbourne and sell them back to us for a guaranteed buy-back price, including FREE collection, costing you less than rental.

SideLoader trucks load/unload to the driver (right hand) side only. We must have sufficient room. If you are in doubt, call us and email us a few pictures, and we can discuss all possibilities with you.

Need to move a shipping container? Container Solutions is a specialist in the handling, movement, transport and relocation of containers. We offer 20ft, 40ft and 10ft container hire and transport, delivery and positioning services. We are based in Melbourne and offer first-rate shipping container hire in Melbourne and Victoria wide.

  • Within Yard Re-positioning
  • Yard to Yard Transfers / Transport
  • Loading / Unloading Container from Skel/Trailer
  • Hire / Storage Containers Delivery and Collection
  • Double Stacking (Subject to Site Assessment and Inspection of Container & Content)

NB: While we guarantee the level movement of your container, we can take NO responsibility for the content (if any) inside as we don’t know how it’s loaded, positioned and secured.

Conditions: All B-Grade shipping containers are guaranteed water and vermin proof and lockable.

Delivery: Each quote includes delivery to your gate only. Our trucks will enter your property with your permission only while you assume all liability. Please note our insurance policy only covers us on public roads. Our drivers will do EVERYTHING possible to position your container exactly where you would like it as long as it’s safe and we can reach the designated area. Ultimately, it is up to the driver to decide what is safe and possible to carry out.

NB: if our truck may get bogged while on your property, the receiver must pay for truck towing and recovery to get our truck back on public roads.

Unfortunately, no refund for transport is available once the truck has left our yard and your delivery is on its way. Each quote allows for a maximum of 20 minutes on site for delivery. Please discuss your delivery plan and prepare in advance for your delivery. Exceeding your 20 minute on site time allowance may bring about an additional time charge of $150.00 per hour.

General Terms and Conditions:

Before you / your associate(s) may arrive, each person must complete the consent form: https://cheapsecurestorage.com.au/contact-us-site-access/

Enter at Own Risk – Be aware of working machinery, trucks, rough terrain and limited lighting.

Unmanned SiteEnsure you make an appointment with a container hire and sales staff member.

Storage – Store at your own risk. We do not accept any liability whatsoever for your items. You assume responsibility for all loss and damage including: All damage, theft or accident. Any items, trucks, cars, machinery, contractors 3rd party, etc. you may direct to this site, must enter at own risk as our insurance policy has several exclusions and you / your property and any 3rd party property and personnel will not be covered. It is unlikely that any party may be able to seek compensation for any accident, injury, loss or damage. Aug 2021

What We Offer:

  • 10ft container hire and transport
  • 10ft shipping container for sale
  • 10ft refrigerated shipping container for sale or hire
  • 20ft shipping container hire and sales
  • 40ft shipping container for sale or hire

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