Container Transport: Tilt, Crane, SideLoader

Container Transport via SideLoader, Crane or TiltTray – We are the Biggest, the Most Experienced and Best Equipped Service Provider when it comes to Container Movements – Guaranteed.

100s of Deliveries to every corner of Victoria. 7 Days a Week. During All Seasons. Scroll down for transport Cost Estimates if you are a Private Customer. or Click Here to receive a Quote in 10 min.

for B2B Services it best you visit: www.containersolutions.com.au

Got Stuck? Let our Tow and Recovery Team Assist You: www.towmytruck.melbourne

Victoria wide Container Delivery Cost Estimate Aug 2021

SAVE on Delivery Costs. 2 x 20ft Containers can be Transported on One SideLoader. – Second Box gets delivered for FREE

The below thumbnails show only a fraction of the countless jobs we have completed Victoria wide. As you see, we do not shy away from a challenge and our drivers are not afraid to drive on Unsealed Surfaces and get through some tight places. We will do our best to deliver your shipping container the way you have planned it. It is an additional service we all do it out of Goodwill to each Client.

Remember, Containers are sold including delivery to your Gate ONLY!

However, at all times we must accept the driver’s judgement of what is safe to carry out. We all want to go home to our families on time and in ‘one piece’.

Transport and Delivery Terms and Conditions:

Site Access, Conditions of Entry, Waiver of Liability: Dear Client / Receiver, please note inclusive in the price you paid is delivery to your gate only, it’s stated on all Quotes / Invoices and in every communication; (online, in emails and verbal.) If you and our driver agree, our truck(s) may enter your property with your permission only while you assume all liability as our insurance policy only covers us on public roads. That is: You accept All Liability for damage to your Container, its Contents and Property.  If our truck may get bogged, or may require any outside assistance other than Mechanical, consequent to carrying out your requests, you will need to pay for the cost of Tow / Recovery to get our Truck off Your Property / 3rd Party Property and back on Sealed Road. Our Heavy Recovery Tow Truck costs $245.00 + GST p.h. time from our Brooklyn Base back to Base. You may also need to pay for the Additional Time our Truck is held until its back on Sealed Road.

Naturally, our Drivers will do EVERYTHING Possible to position your Container exactly where you would like it, however it is up to the Driver to decide what is Safe and Possible to Carry Out. Ultimately, we should avoid Injury, Property Damage and getting bogged at all cost. Any Doubts or Issues, call 0414319016.

Time on Site: Unless otherwise Quoted, included with your delivery is 30 minutes on site (per container). Can You and our Driver / Sales Person agree that 60min is enough time to complete the delivery? If Not, we are only happy to carry out Your plans as long as it is SAFE and Possible to Complete, however we may need to charge for the ADDITIONAL Service. Please note: Additional Time Charge is $40.00 per each 15min extra..